Staff blog

Have a chat this week with a neighbour

Staff blog / 17.06.19

Loneliness Awareness Week was started by Marmalade Trust and aims to reduce stigma by encouraging people to talk about being lonely. Get involved with the campaign from 17th to 21st June and together we can change how we talk about loneliness.  Read more


Staff blog / 20.05.19

We need to stop the virtue signalling about how 99% of our income goes to ‘the cause’ and only 1% goes on overheads because we pay our staff peanuts, don’t have a training budget, and work in a condemned portacabin. We should be virtue signalling… Read more

Building the right it

Staff blog / 07.02.19

When we embark on developing a social enterprise, how can we be confident that we're building it right? Seb Mayfield, Social Enterprise Specialist for the Inspiring Enterprise programme, offers up a few tips. Read more

Social Enterprise explained

Staff blog / 10.01.19

We have probably all heard the phrase ‘social enterprise’ by now, but what is a social enterprise? Seb Mayfield, Social Enterprise Specialist for the Inspiring Enterprise programme at Action Hampshire, explains more. Read more

Cup of tea?

Staff blog / 17.12.18

It isn’t too late to start thinking about what you and your organisation can do to tackle loneliness in 2019. Read more

What does the Budget mean for you?

Staff blog / 30.10.18

By our Head of Finance, Sarah Hurford-Potter

*Well, the Chancellor’s budget yesterday may have been billed as the ‘end of austerity’ but, whether we believe that or not, and whether the large figures quoted in the budget actually mean real… Read more