Event following up on Austerity Conference 10am 29th November


Tuesday 29th November, 10.00am, Westgate Chambers, Staple Gardens, Winchester SO23 8SR

Please feel free to arrive earlier and work from our meeting room if you need to

This meeting follows on from the Austerity Conference held last month for organisations concerned with equality issues who would like to explore how we can work together.

A strong message we heard over again was many people saying that groups and organisations should work together to constructively find a way to mitigate austerity and disadvantage generally. There was a strong recognition of the need to share experiences, collaborate and join forces in tackling the worst impacts of austerity

Whether or not you came to the conference, if you’d like to be involved in that meeting, please let us know you will be attending. Also, please forward this on at your earliest convenience to your networks and contacts who you think would appreciate the invite.

“It is so good to meet other people working on the same issues.”
“This feels like the start of an important conversation”
“I’ll be watching I, Daniel Blake in full!”
“a great day "

Just some of the positive feedback from the Austerity Conference on 5 October.

You can see summaries, reports, videos, and pictures of the event “here” :http://actionhampshire.org/news/ceo-blog/guest-blogs/the-impact-of-austerity