Christmas Desk Decorating Competition 2016


It’s Christmas time…. and it’s the Action Hampshire Christmas Desk Decorating Competition!

Be wowed by the creativity!

Vote for your favourite!

Winter Wonderland

Medium winterwonderland

Die Hard/Home Alone Mash Up

Medium diehardhomealone

Handmade Christmas

Medium handmadechristmas

Bags of Joy

Medium bagsofjoy

Merry Sithmas

Medium merrysithmas

Gingerbread House

Medium gingerbreadhouse

Nailed It

Medium nailedit

All I Want for Christmas Is EU

Medium alliwantforchristmasiseu

And a late entry to the competition…

12 days of Confectionary

Medium 12daysofchristmas

Wait with Bated Breath until the Internal Judging panel cast their votes and tally with the public votes using the Strictly System, and announce the winners, on the 21st December…

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