Advent calendar - 20 December: I CAN!


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ZUKSWA (Zimbabwe UK Social Workers Association)…

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Zukswa is a registered organisation for social workers and student social workers from Zimbabwe based in UK. The organisation was created due to the difficulties social workers face in their day to day profession. It is difficult to have a sense of belonging and integrate in social work team where your individuality is not celebrated.

Black, Asian and ethnic minority groups are still grossly underrepresented in UK. In 2011 the Guardian reported that – there were only five black and minority ethnic chief executives across more than 300 NHS organisations in the UK. In social care the picture isn’t much better; the number of BME directors of adult services in England was four out of 150. The number for Directors of Children Services is below that..Such low numbers have prevailed for many years, despite over a thousand BME managers taking part in excellent development and leadership programmes. This pattern is replicated across both public and private organisations:

Some of the barriers that were highlighted by the Guardian were the following:

  • Selection panels appointing in their own image.
  • BME candidates having less access to significant networking opportunities.
  • A lack of perceived transparency in recruitment processes.
  • A recurrent lack of commitment from leaders in many organisations on diverse recruitment.
  • Inconsistent approaches to developing talent..

I CAN conference is there to empower Black minority social workers, student social workers and those who would like to be social workers to climb up the ladder.
H4. 17 May 2019, Holiday Inn Luton.

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More information can be found on Zukswa’s website