March 2015

Charity search tool: your views wanted

General news / 24.03.15

Registered charities’ details are viewed online over 6 million times a year. But the Charity Commission’s user research on its current charity search tool suggests that the information it provides on registered charities could be easier to find… Read more

Emma Boorn

Social Enterprise News / 20.03.15

Emma set up her social enterprise Your Money Your Way in 2013 driven by her passion to help people manage their money more effectively and address their spending habits. Read more

Stuart Mills

Social Enterprise News / 20.03.15

We set up Wild Thyme because we wanted to create a new worker co-operative run social enterprise in Portsmouth, and a place where people could buy tasty, nutritious food. Read more

Budget 2015

General news / 19.03.15

Britain is walking tall again, according to Chancellor George Osborne. He said that the economy is stronger, more people are in work, and living standards are on the up. But more cuts are still on the way and who will bear the brunt? Read more