For almost 70 years, Action Hampshire has been supporting not-for-profit organisations to deliver great services to local people and communities; speak up for the changes they would like to see; and shape the future of where they live and work.

In that time we have all seen many changes, including within our own organisation.

In 1953, we released our ‘First report of the Hampshire Council of Social Service’ and it describes our work in ‘Rural Industries, Village Halls and Community Centres, Old People’s Welfare, Personal Service and Information and Parish Councils’ – all work we still do today.

The statement at the beginning of the 1954 Report says,

‘It might have been thought that the welfare state had lessened the need for private benevolence and individual service. But the old and the very young and the sick all require that touch of personal sympathy that the state can never give. Even the healthy in the prime of life are grateful to those who will organize and direct recreational and cultural activities. I congratulate all those who, as shown in the accompanying report of the Hampshire Council of Social Service, are working for the public good… we must all wish them well for the continuance and development of their work.’

Those words are as relevant today as they were then.

Today we are based in Westgate Chambers, on Staple Gardens, just off Winchester High Street – still working for the public good, and serving organisations across Hampshire. We’re proud of our history and heritage, but have a keen eye to the future and are looking forward to the next 70 years too.