Listen. Connect. Equip.

About us

Whether it’s a large charity, a small lunch club, or a social enterprise, we enable and inspire people, organisations and communities to be the best they can be!

Action Hampshire’s specialist knowledge in the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector spans over nearly 70 years. We support this sector to deliver great services to local people and communities; speak up for the changes they would like to see and shape the future of where they live and work.

We bring the ‘voices’ of the sector together to create social change and make the world a better and fairer place. We provide key information to make it easier for the sector’s ‘voice’ to be heard more loudly as to what’s working and what is not. That key information includes how to use resources effectively, be fully informed and legally compliant – making it easier for people to run their organisations and empowering them to make the most change for the individuals and communities they are set up to serve.

Our vision

is to work in a world that is kind and fair, and where charity is no longer needed

Our purpose

is to listen to, connect, and equip people, so they flourish and make great things happen. All of our work is driven by and underpinned by our values.





How can we help you?

At Action Hampshire making BOLD decisions and standing up for what you believe is at the heart of what we do. AND we want to help you do this too.

Take a look at our what we do section and see how we can help you. Alternatively, contact us for a chat by e-mail or phone on 01962 857350.

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