Things you need to know

Things you need to know about running a not-for-profit organisation or group

Medium things you need to know

Things you need to know

In this section of the website, we’ve collected together some of the main things that all groups need to pay attention to. Some are legal requirements that you MUST comply with, but all are good practice and increase your chances of success both now and in the future.

We’ve put together these pages to help you get to grips with things as quickly and painlessly as possible. From policy templates to ‘top tips’ for tendering and procurement, we hope you will find something that helps you.

If you think of something that you would like us to add, please contact Rosie and let know. We always appreciate the feedback and will do our best to help.

Shaping your community's future

We are living in interesting times:

  • Public expenditure is being cut
  • Competition for grants is increasing
  • Services are being reduced or withdrawn
  • Young people are struggling to afford a home
  • We are living longer
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