Community Business Trade Up learning programme

An engaging, practically-focused training programme for organisations that trade with local community benefit, not private profit, as their core motive.

Community Business Trade Up – what is it?

Action Hampshire, through the School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire, is a host of the Community Business Trade Up learning programme.

Like all our social enterprise courses, the CBTU programme is focused on the practical skills and knowledge that will help your organisation to have more of an impact and become more financially secure.

The programme started in 2018 and entries will be open very soon for 2019. You can read more information and sign up for news alerts at the national School for Social Entrepreneurs website.

What makes CBTU special

There are two key aspects of CBTU which mark it out from the other SSE learning programmes:

  • Community Business This programme is aimed at organisations which qualify as a community business. See more below, but basically this is about trading for the benefit of your local geographical community – your estate, village, or town.
  • Trade Up It is intended to help organisations increase the amount of money they generate from trading. If you are accepted on to the CBTU programme, your organisation will receive a grant (i.e. money you don’t have to pay back). Exactly how much you’ll get is based on the principle of Match Trading – read more about this on the SSE website.

Is your organisation a community business?

The CBTU programme is fully funded, so you don’t have to pay anything to take part. The funding is from Power to Change, a charitable trust set up in 2015 by funds from the National Lottery. They say community businesses have four identifying features:

  • Locally rooted in a particular geographical place and responsive to its needs
  • Trading for community benefit generating income through things like hiring rooms and facilities, trading as cafes, selling produce they grow, or generating energy
  • Being accountable to the community for example through community shares, having local people on the organisation’s governing body, or regularly consulting with the community
  • Broad community impact so the whole community is improved and many people feel the benefit

If you’re interested in the 2019 programme, register your interest at the CBTU website. There’s plenty of guidance on the website and hopefully you’ll be able to ask questions once the programme is open for applications. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions – especially if you’re not sure whether your organisation qualifies as a community business.

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