The Hampshire Voluntary Sector Network is a ‘network of networks’.

It brings together representatives from a range of voluntary sector networks:

  • health and social care
  • social enterprise
  • advice
  • the Alliance (children & young people)
  • community safety
  • the CVS network
  • faith communities
  • Healthwatch Hampshire

Action Hampshire provides secretariat support to the Hampshire Voluntary Sector Consortium (HVSC), and our chief executive, Sue Dovey, is the chair.

It is recognised by Hampshire’s public sector bodies as the mechanism for engagement with the not-for-profit sector and is regularly attended by representatives from Hampshire County Council.

The Consortium arranges the selection of VCS representatives for key partnerships such as the Hampshire Partnership (formerly known as the Senate), the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Hampshire Health & Wellbeing Board.

Current representatives

The Hampshire Partnership
Paul Bright (Citizens Advice Hampshire)
Ally Lee-Dudley (4Youth)

Hampshire Health and Wellbeing Board
Peta Wilkinson (Enham)
Rick Smith (Age Concern Hampshire)

Zoe Gray (Learning Links)

EM3 LEP Employment and Skills Board
Richard Thornton (UKSA)

Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
Karina Christiansen (The You Trust)

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum
Shonagh Dillon (Aurora New Dawn)