Portsmouth Power Plus (networking)

Power Plus brings voluntary and community groups and other organisations together once a month to network and hear invited speakers. Through Power Plus we are able to share knowledge and information that makes voluntary organisations in Portsmouth stronger.

Power Plus gives you the chance to:

  • Tell others what you are doing
  • Find out what is happening in Portsmouth
  • Save time and money
  • Meet like-minded people from around the city
  • Share resources
  • Make your group stronger
  • Find out what opportunities are open to improve your group’s sustainability

Tips for good networking:

  • Always bring information about your group with contact details
  • The aim of good networking is to help people, networking is a two way street
  • People want to talk to you
  • If you want to approach them try; Hi I am ……. Who are you?
  • Find out about them and what they need
  • If you know of someone who can help the person you are talking to take them over and help make that contact.
  • Be proactive
  • Follow up contacts
  • Smile and enjoy!

For more information you can contact Andrew or Jacky on 023 9282 2795.