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Portsmouth Compact

Working Together, Better Together!

The Portsmouth Compact is important for everyone who works in the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector and in the Statutory Sector in the city.

The Portsmouth Compact outlines how the relationship between the local statutory sector and the VCSE sector can work more effectively to strengthen communities and improve people’s lives. While there are many differences between the statutory and voluntary sectors, which must be acknowledged and respected, the sectors have much in common.

Why sign up to the Compact?

By signing up to the Compact, your organisation will be demonstrating its commitment to co-operative working and strengthening relationships. The Compact is a way of doing things the right way and committing to continue to do so.

By following the Compact principles and codes it is possible for VCSE organisations to:

  • improve their relationship with public bodies
  • achieve recognition for work undertaken
  • participate in meaningful consultation
  • increase their influence.

And for public bodies to:

  • improve service quality
  • improve partnership working
  • increase accountability, transparency and integrity.

The Compact provides a way of working across the sectors which should underpin everything we do together, as well as a dispute resolution procedure when partners cannot resolve differences.

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