VAT on community building refurbishments - a 'tax on voluntary effort'


Most building work on community halls and centres is liable for VAT at the standard rate of 20%. So a village hall committee raising funds for a £100,000 extension has to find another £20,000 for the VAT bill.

In a new campaign, the National Village Halls Forum is describing this as a ‘tax on voluntary effort’, saying that volunteer committee members should not have to fundraise just to cover the VAT on improvements to charitably-run buildings. Click below to view the Forum’s news release:


Please use the news release to make your local MP, County Councillor and other politicians aware of this issue, especially if your committee has recently had to pay a significant VAT bill on some building work. Say how much longer the fundraising took, or what other improvements you could have made if the VAT was refunded to your charity.

You could add that reducing the VAT bill would encourage more committees to improve their community building, which then provides jobs to local tradespeople and better facilities for groups, services and businesses. A well-equipped, warm community building can, of course, also play a major part in making a village or town a great place to live.