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Helping Hooves get you back on your feet


Available FREE to Portsmouth residents who have recently left hospital
Equine Supported Reablement (ESR) is a new and innovative programme designed with Health and Wellbeing professionals. It uses the gentle companionship of horses and the relaxing experience of being in the countryside to aid recovery following illness and injury.

It is for people who have had a recent stay in hospital and are seeking an alternative approach to supporting their personal recovery and future health and wellbeing.
A group of up to 8 people, plus carers if required, can engage in a number of easy and accessible activities with our horses and ponies, whilst exploring actions and habits that most positively influence our return to a satisfactory level of health. Please contact Helping Hooves for a full overview of the activities and the significant, long-lasting benefits of ESR.

The first Portsmouth group will be meeting on Thursday 23rd July at Buckland Community Centre and will meet weekly from 10am until 1pm, for seven weeks.

Three sessions will include a visit to the horses, nearby in Swanmore. Transport to and from the horses is provided.

Please contact Helping Hooves by telephone: 01962 771441 or mobile 07842 709296, email or visit their website.