Supporting unemployed people


We are looking for community halls and centres that host any kind of support group or club that works with unemployed people. It could be a job club, a group that helps people develop skills needed for employment, or anything that aims to support people who aren’t in paid work.

Maybe some of your people would benefit from mentoring and advice about developing their own social enterprise – a business that trades and makes money for the benefit of the community, not for private profit.

We’re a partner in the Inspiring Enterprise programme, which is funded through the Lottery’s Building Better Opportunities scheme and the European Social Fund. We need your help in connecting with unemployed people across western, central, and northern Hampshire. Contact us if you’d like to get involved, and also see our website for more details about the programme (including a map of the eligible area).

We can give a talk at one of the job / skills club sessions, or hire your building and provide food for a special event to tell people about the support available. Do you think something like this might benefit your community? Then drop us a line!