Hallmaster online booking system for community buildings


Hallmaster is an easy to use online booking system for community halls and buildings. The system can be integrated within your existing website to provide a simple, reliable calendar of events and allow venue bookings to be made 24 / 7, updating the building’s availability seamlessly. This avoids double bookings, missed phone calls and unnecessary paperwork.

See the Hallmaster website for more details of their system.

ACRE and Hallmaster have an agreement which means organisations linked up with Action Hampshire receive £10 off the price of the Hallmaster system. This means you will pay £120 per year for the booking system and £170 per year for the premium system which also includes invoicing and payment tracking.

To receive your discount, please mention to the Hallmaster staff that your organisation is connected with us (and also tell us that you have bought the Hallmaster package). Please see our website for more details of our work with community buildings.