Medium work with purpose

How important is it to have a job with purpose?


A blog by Senior Engagement Officer Jo

I recently heard that a poll in the UK has discovered that 37% of us think we have a job that has no purpose and doesn’t even need to exist. Driving into Winchester on my way to work, I pondered about this and in particular what I thought about my own job. Am I happy with it? Does it give me a sense of purpose? Pulling out of Stockbridge my thoughts moved on to Action Hampshire itself and the wider charity sector.

In that context, I would have thought it is a pretty fundamental requisite to have a job with purpose, otherwise what’s the point? Nearly all charities are striving to make life better in some way, and if that doesn’t translate to the way both paid staff and volunteers feel, then something has gone very wrong – they should all feel, no matter what the challenges, that it is worth getting up in the morning and showing up.

Turning to our own organisation, Action Hampshire, given all the changes that are happening in the sector and the wider world, and in particular the cuts to funding and services, how easy will it be to stay true to our values? For our work to remain meaningful we need to remain true to these. We must make sure that we continue to be needs-led rather than resources-led and don’t start chasing funding that takes us away from our values.

Which is where you, our members come in, and why you are so important to us. It is your concerns and the issues that you want us to address that will influence what we do, hold us to account, and make our jobs worthwhile.

Membership is free and we have recently improved our membership offer. Why not visit our website to see what these benefits are? But perhaps the greatest benefit will result from all of us working together to assist the people, groups and communities in Hampshire to achieve what they want to do.

And do I feel good about my job? I’m sure I will muse about this as I drive home this evening, but meantime shall I let you into a secret? Despite the setbacks and inevitable knocks, the stories we hear about what is happening – some heartbreaking, some heroic, and others just doggedly going on year after year to make a difference – all this makes it very worthwhile.