A case of the Big Society is dead, long live the Shared Society? PM Theresa May has outlined the philosophy that will guide her government, harking back to what she said when she first moved into No 10 – a Britain that works for everyone.

Only time will tell if there is real substance behind this new view of the way forward, which leaves behind Big Society’s ‘jolly, let’s roll our sleeves up’ vision of everyone mucking in and doing their bit as the state rolls back. Instead government needs to step up, and make sure the system works for everyone and tackle everyday injustices.

Because, the truth is that for many people, life only feels like they’re getting by, certainly not getting on. Instead of a society bound together, too many feel locked out and left behind.

The first burning injustice to be tackled is mental health. Find out more in our briefing paper, and what she says about charities and social enterprises.