The Bill Sargent Trust has recently carried out some excellent new research into Food Banks in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Food banks are rapidly becoming part of the landscape of crisis support in communities across Britain. They are not confined to deprived areas. There are at least 20 food banks or similar projects in Hampshire, including some of the wealthiest parts of the county. They cover rural and urban locations, with a mix of projects affiliated to the Trussel Trust and independent schemes. This research covers 11 food banks across the county, and features interviews with 19 food bank workers and volunteers, and 22 food bank users. The research report and executive summary can be downloaded below.

Previous to this, Action Hampshire carried out some research into local foodbanks. The list below was updated in January 2014. If you know of a foodbank that doesn’t appear on the list, do please let us know by telephoning 01962 857350 or e-mailing us at [email protected]