The School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire has seen many students complete courses and programmes with us and so become Fellows of the School

Social Entrepreneurs can keep in touch, exchange views and meet regularly to share and hear from inspirational speakers through our Fellows network: Airbrick

Airbrick (noun) a perforated brick allowing the free flow of air into a building
Airbrick (network) a group encouraging the free flow of ideas into social enterprises

Airbrick is also open to local social entrepreneurs or Action Hampshire partners who would like to take part in networking events

Thumb airbrick The next Airbrick networking event is on Tuesday 13th December from 6pm to 8pm with a buffet provided by SSE Fellow Lily and Lime LD

The event is in the Action Hampshire conference room at Westgate Chambers, Winchester

Get in touch here for more info

The aims and objectives of AirBrick are:

  • Support through peers – pooling skills, resources and information
  • Networking including social media
  • Training and development opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge
  • Partnership, collaboration and cooperation
  • Opportunity for joint problem-solving
    • Outreach – raising awareness of social entrepreneurship and inspiring others to get involved in the social economy
    • Market development – enabling new business collaborations or markets, or developing new opportunities to market and sell or access finance
    • Personal support – providing personal support, a safe place to talk about difficulties and celebrate success, and a place to focus on the social impact they are working towards
    • Connecting on – enabling new/other connections for self/venture development
    • Personal fulfilment – giving participants a sense of fulfilment and new learning as a result of offering others help

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