The full report (with responses from Hampshire County Council) can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The main findings of the report were:

Main sources of information
GPs were reported as being the main source of information/advice about health and social care, with Hampshire County Council being the second most cited source.

Method of accessing information
The majority (77%) of respondents had accessed face to face information from their GP, with most of the remainder accessing information over the phone.

Quality of information
‘Another charity’ and ‘hospital staff’ were cited as providing the highest quality information. Physio or occupational therapists and Hampshire County Council were given the lowest quality ratings.

When respondents sought information
Respondents were asked what their circumstances were the last time they needed advice or information. The largest response category by some margin was “after a visit to GP/outpatients”. This was followed by “at a time of crisis” then “after going into hospital”.

How would people like to receive information?
Respondents were asked where they would LIKE to receive information from. The largest response category by some margin was “from your doctor”. This was followed by “from friends and family” then “Hampshire County Council”. When asked HOW they would like to receive the information, “face to face” was unsurprisingly the largest response category, followed by “printed material”.

However, narrative comments suggested that many people were less concerned about how they got information, than the quality and consistency of the information.