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Michelle Green and her family moved into a three bedroom HARAH property in a rural parish in Basingstoke & Deane five years ago.

The family have been connected to the parish for two generations and Michelle’s mother, step-dad and brother live across the road.

‘Our family have been connected to the village for at least two generations’

Before being offered a HARAH property in the parish, the family were living in overcrowded conditions in a two bedroom maisonette with Michelle’s father.

Michelle, her husband and eldest son shared one bedroom. The maisonette had been built straight after World War 2 and suffered from mould. The family could not afford to rent privately so they were considering moving away.

The family were delighted to be eligible for a HARAH property in the parish they know and love. Michelle visits her family regularly and her brother is on hand to babysit the boys. The young family use the local hairdressers and garage, helping to keep local services going.

Michelle’s husband is an Auditor and Michelle has explained that she would like to work in the village when her boys are a little older, looking after resident’s horses or dogs.

Michelle is really happy that her children are able to grow up in a rural location.

‘My children spent all summer outside’